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  • That Man from Rio

    That Man from Rio


    I'm in love.
    I'm in love with this film, Jean-Paul Belmondo and the idea of traveling to Rio de Janeiro.
    After staying up too late to finish this movie, I'm still in a glittering haze over L'homme de Rio.
    There's adventure, romance and lots of humor. I love Belmondo with the little boy Sir Winston, played by Ubiracy De Oliveira and I was laughing out loud at some of the fighting attempts.
    I'm thoroughly charmed, and this is certainly one of my favorite new-to-me films of 2021.

  • Gidget



    It's really easy to dismiss GIDGET as fluff.
    But this film (and the book it is adapted from) is what spawned the surf culture of the 1960s, including
    - The Beach Boys music
    - American International Pictures beach films with Frankie and Annette
    - And overcrowded beaches at Malibu.

    Also, Gidget is a feminist figure.

    Sure, Sandra Dee plays her as sweet and demure. But this is a girl bucking against convention and turning her back on all her boy…

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  • The Trouble with Angels

    The Trouble with Angels


    This is a perfect film.

    After moving out on my own 9 years ago, this was my go-to "I'm sad and need a pick-me-up" movie.

    With each viewing, it hits differently, but it's no less magnificent. This go-round (watching with the online film club girls), I cried a lot. The little "I'll miss you" goodbye at the beginning, the women in the home for the elderly, every single Christmas scene, Sister Liguori.

    The little touches of storytelling really make this…

  • Dogfight



    Yes. I watched it again. For the 2nd day in a row and I have more words this time.
    I love how realistically awkward and clumsy their first kisses are. I'm still really emotional about this movie and telling everyone I know to watch it.