Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé ★★★★½

The scenes in 35mm film (w/ faux borders?) really added a much needed change up from the typical concert film. Not just the behind-the-scenes but also some on-stage footage which I loved. I also have to commend the superior colour grading Homecoming received as its a total visual treat. 

Unless theres some kind of message that Beyoncé wanted to convey by switching her outfit between yellow and pink constantly, I wish there was more continuity as it kinda annoyed me with the switching. Yes it is really done well but switching colors within the same song... not quite for me.

I really enjoyed Homecoming as a glimpse into the creative process that brought the one-off Coachella performance to life. I mean damn it took almost a year to conceive and bring this project to life, JUST for two shows? All Coachella headliners should do the same, not just recycle their old sets like all 3 headliners did this year.