Luca ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

This was honestly very enjoyable. The animation was very good looking, even beautiful at spots. I enjoyed all the characters, especially the two main leads. The film was pretty well paced, it may have dragged at times but I was mostly entertained. The film had some pretty nice messages and I thought they were handled pretty well. It’s a film that is just supposed to make you happy and I feel it succeeds for the most part. I do think it has some issues though. They never gave a good reason why the humans stop hating the fish monsters, they just kinda stop because the father of Juliet told them to. The film was insanely cliched and formulaic, you could literally see certain plot points coming from a mile away. Also it took me a few good minutes to fully get into it, but once I did I had a good time. Overall I really enjoyed Luca, it’s not one of Pixar’s absolute best, but it is one of their more enjoyable films.

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