• Batman: Death in the Family

    Batman: Death in the Family

    I want to illustrate something to you about this film the advertising campaign for it did not say: this is less a film and more of an experimental companion piece to an already existing film. See, years back we were given the film Batman: Under the Red Hood, which told the tragic tale of a young hero falling to bitterness and resentment. It's one of the best animated DC films. This is largely a combination prelude to it while also…

  • Psycho Goreman

    Psycho Goreman

    Look, this movie is trash and it knows it. It revels in it. It's here to feed you that and you're here to take it because we all know exactly what we're getting from a film with a title like Psycho Goreman. It's the kind of ridiculous over the top lunacy that I live for and left me smiling from beginning to end. I don't know what else to say besides please give me more.

  • Event Horizon

    Event Horizon

    I have always enjoyed this movie, so seeing the new Scream Factory release of it was not my first sitting with it. Is it dated? Good lord, yes. But it has a charm to it with its "haunted house in space" plot and generally likable characters, amazing set design, truly nightmarish visuals, and a stacked cast. It may actually be my favourite thing Anderson has ever done. Would I love to see a less chopped up version without studio interference seeping off of it? Absolutely. But for what it is, it's a fun horror flick that I always enjoy sitting through. Not high art, but fun.

  • The Grudge

    The Grudge

    I wanted to like this movie, because I honestly am a fan of the Ju-on franchise. The problem is that the films are hit or miss, especially when it comes to western adaptation. This is an attempt to reboot or refresh the the series and if fumbles the execution almost completely. The parts are there, it should be fine, it has a good cast, but it just doesn't click into place in any meaningful way. Mostly it feels much like…

  • Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

    Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

    I will never apologize or offer any excuses for enjoying the Fast & Furious franchise. I always see things like "guilty pleasure" tossed around in regards to them, but I ask why? Why should you feel guilty for enjoying a charming action movie that feels like a throwback to older action films? Why should you try to placate people other than yourself for enjoying something that is ultimately harmless? I do not have "guilty pleasures", I just enjoy things and I…

  • Batman Ninja

    Batman Ninja

    There are film concepts that you can see on paper and instantly tell whether it's something you'd be into. From moment one of hearing of this film, I knew I was going to be into it. I mean, Batman in feudal Japan leading a clan of bat-themed ninja against a shogun warlord Joker? Yes, please. Now, don't get me wrong, the film isn't high art, nor does it really measure up to a lot of the DC animated films. But…

  • DC Showcase: Sgt. Rock

    DC Showcase: Sgt. Rock

    A fun watch, but I couldn't help but feel nitpicky during it. Certain characters were killed off despite not being killed off in the comics, which is fine for this medium even though I did somewhat dislike it. The surprise co-stars were a delight to see but barely got any characterization. One of them in particular was missing entirely, which is the thing that bothered me the most. Overall, while it was fun, I'd rather see a full length feature that explored Rock and his team more.

  • To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

    To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

    As a fan of the first film, I was rather excited to check this one out. It's not every day you get a movie that genuinely feels like a really quality 1980s teen film without really trying to be one, as the first one did. This one, sadly, is not as strong as the first. It falls back on a tired trope and the change in director is noticeable. Honestly, the best things about the film are two subplots that…

  • Dragon Quest: Your Story

    Dragon Quest: Your Story

    I have an admission to make as longtime RPG fan: I've never played a single Dragon Quest game. Yeah, my first real RPG was Final Fantasy VII and I've never been the biggest fan of Akira Toriyama's style. That being said, I really enjoyed this film. It plays out like your general fantasy film with its own interesting twists (especially at the end) that make it stand out. The movie clearly is made to be a tribute to fans of…

  • Last Knights

    Last Knights

    For what is essentially a reimagining of the tale of the 47 Ronin, this wasn't bad. It's not perfect, by any measure, but the cast did a great job with the material given and I enjoyed seeing the more European take on a distinctly Japanese story. While I would've liked to see at least one female knight, I have to admit it was great seeing they weren't all white dudes. Not the worst use of 2 hours, especially since I get to see Cliff Curtis being a badass.

  • My Bloody Valentine

    My Bloody Valentine

    I just watched this for the first time ever, because not only did it just get re-released but it was Valentine's Day, so it felt appropriate to dive in. I'd heard for years that this was one of the true classics of the slasher genre and I can now say...I was not lied to. This really is a very solid slasher flick with likable characters that you don't want to see die and some really great gore effects. Canada has proven time and time again that they know how to handle horror films well. Consider me impressed.

  • The Pacifier

    The Pacifier

    It's Mr. Nanny but with Vin Diesel. Either you're all in for that kind of thing or you're not. Me? I enjoy those dumb old 90s comedies featuring super manly dudes dealing with bratty kids. I won't defend them or this as great, but it's decent fun for what it is.