Brain Damage

Brain Damage ★★★★½

I feel like Aylmer and Brainy Gremlin would get along. Both surprisingly erudite and can carry a showtune.

This movie spun me round right round. When the popcorn ceiling and lamp started turning organic, veiny, and pulsing and we see it all become an eyeball while our man sits dazed as blue fluid seeps up around him like he's a David Hockney nude I thought hmm this is oddly mesmerizing and beautiful.

But the demented beauty didn't stop there: a psychedelic junkyard symphony, blue fluid juicing a brain, a half-tentacle half-dildo half-Towlie-from-South-Park disembodied brain eating creature, extremely...innovative brain slurping scenes, bulging naked men showering, a chipped skull as a celestial beacon of light. Rick Hearst puts in a good performance as we see him gradually drained of his vital élan.

You can tell this was made cheap as hell, but that every dollar counted. Pretty ingenious stuff.

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