Parasite ★★★★★

"She may look like a sheep, but inside, she's a fox. Sometimes she acts like she owns the house."
- Kim Ki-jung

While it's genre identifies as a comedy-thriller, Parasite is much more than an average person skimming through IMDb might think. It's been months since I first gained interest in seeing this, and when my new favorite local theater announced their limited release screenings, I jumped to see it as soon as I could.

The story is so much more involved than it seems, and there's more to this than a rich family being conned by another family. This covers the battle between wealthy and poor. This covers the constant fight for survival among less fortunate civilians, and how it may lead to their actions growing violent or devious.

For a two and a half hour feature, Bong Joon-ho manages to keep it smooth. This is easily one of the more easily-watchable films of the year, but it's not surprising as it's one of the best. The narrative never gets stale, and the characters are dynamic enough to get into whenever they're on screen.

There aren't enough words out there to express how great Parasite is. It didn't feel slow, it didn't feel overdone, and it was smart with it's underlying themes.