After Hours

After Hours ★★★★

AFTER HOURS is without a doubt one of if not Marty's zaniest picture he's made. I was scratching my head on numerous occasions trying to process what this movie was or what the point of it was. In this sense, AFTER HOURS fits into Marty's filmography much like BURN AFTER READING fits into the Coen Brothers filmography. Regardless of its message, what Scorsese was trying to say, who this protagonist is, it still works wonders as a pure entertainment picture. If part of the AFTER HOURS effect is comparable to BURN AFTER READING, its functions reminded me of David Fincher's THE GAME. Both protagonists find themselves in situations that feel very contrived and unnatural in an attempt to prevent them from escaping. This guy in AFTER HOURS just wants to go to bed and he keeps fucking everything up. I think what had me hooked the most about this film was that the main character was kind of an asshole and the film made sure we were aware of it. His behaviour will suddenly shift to the point where people may or may not get hurt. He gets blamed for much of what occurs and in a lot of cases, he kind of deserves it. This gem may go up to a 4.5 one day. It's a wild ride that I'm sure I will be revisiting many times over the years.

Rating: Napster

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