Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★★

That was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had in a movie theatre.

Tonight I got to see BLADE RUNNER 2049 at the Cinesphere IMAX theatre in Toronto. Walking into it alone had me in awe. Even though there's over 600 seats, the screening was packed full of very well behaved moviegoers who were all clearly very excited like myself and my brother. As soon as the film started with the close up of the eye and intense score I knew this experience was going to be unlike any other.

This kind of environment brought my attention to every little detail in every frame. BLADE RUNNER 2049 just screams 'technical masterpiece' in every sense of the word obviously. Every shot just sucks you into the world of the film. The score is intense in the best way and is wonderfully complimented by moments of silence and darkness. The reason why I find this scary is because so much of this resonates to our world today from the sea wall to the snow to the storms to the police force etc. The future is scary and this film really captures that.

Like all of Villeneuve's films, the performances are all fantastic. Ryan Gosling does a great job leading the film and his character arc is a real highlight. Sylvia Hoeks is a personal favourite of mine in the film though. Every shot of her is terrifying and sad, yet I can never look away. Like I said, Gosling is great. But when Harrison Ford arrives he steals the show. You can feel the pain and regret in every line that comes out of his mouth.

The sea wall/water fight might be my favourite scene. It feels like I never even blink because I don't want to miss anything. The scene is so visceral, mean and disturbing, yet so epic and inspirational at the same time. The track much like the content of the scene feels like waves are crashing in. This intense score with the screams in the water playing out and the use of water in the cinematography heighten the moment so much, and K's arc building up to this point is perfect. So perfect that I almost get the urge to stand up and cheer during the scene.

As I said, tonight was very special. It'll be hard for something to beat this experience. By the time the film ended and everyone applauded, I had this moment of realization that I was sitting there for 3 hours, but getting caught up in this masterpiece made me forget that.

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