Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

David Lynch is a genius. Mulholland Drive is more than just a film, and I mean that literally. It shows us what a film is by pretty much telling us that it is a film at a point, then it shows us the harsh reality of a life even if it still may come off as strange or bizarre. What I believe it comes off of as is a tragedy at the core. In a time when many films use Hollywood as the city of angels or as a backdrop for noir films, Mulholland Drive separates itself from those ideals while also being them if that makes sense. What I mean is that this film has semi-traditional noir aspects set in the city of dreams for most of the time. That is until a third act where we don't necessarily get the narrative closure we were expecting but instead, we get something much bigger and way more interesting that presents the harsh downfalls of a life in Hollywood.

Every scene is shot with that amazing Lynchian vibe to it. The dreamlike cinematography, the dark sound design, and the beautiful but haunting score complement what Lynch is trying to convey so well. Some of these scenes really make me nervous, scared and interested. The Winkies Diner, the cowboy, the audition, Diane's bedroom, Club Silencio, the ending... they are all some of my favourite cinematic moments. Pay attention to every shot, every line, and every sound because Lynch drops hints everywhere. I love everything Mulholland Drive has to offer.

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