Stalker ★★★★★

Nothing like watching a masterpiece on my birthday. STALKER has the vastly layered religious and philosophical ideas expected from Tarkovsky and brings some of the greatest cinematography and shot composition of all time. The score is perfectly dreamlike and mysterious, which worked so well whenever it was used to contribute to the ethereal atmosphere of the Zone. What happened in the zone you might ask? Not quite sure lol. I don't think it's expected to know everything that happens after just one viewing, but either way, I appreciate and understand a lot of what Tarkovsky was trying to do after sleeping on it. It's perfectly ambiguous and mysterious all throughout, and it leaves me with all these big ideas and questions about faith, science, art, and the human spirit. I am super stoked to watch this again, and if you haven't seen it before then check it out right away. Even if you don't understand anything, just let Tarkovsky work his magic, as stylistically there are an infinite amount of elements to admire and enjoy.

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