The Young Pope

The Young Pope ★★★½

THE YOUNG POPE is quite the ride. Paolo Sorrentino explores a lot of themes of modernity and post-secularism within the context of the Vatican. It can be extremely hard to grasp everything going on as the show does not follow a traditional cause and effect narrative. Each episode really feels like its own thing and almost like its own film used to explore one specific theme. I do think it's kind of all over the place a little too much and occasionally this cause me to lose interest as certain elements don't get explored enough in my opinion. I don't know. This show is pretty complicated. Jude Law and Silvio Orlando are both superb and made every scene with each one of them quite entertaining. Lenny's character arc is pretty great, The show is shot really well but also kinda looks like trash at parts in my opinion. This review is a mess. Not sure if I'm going to watch THE NEW POPE. Play by ear.

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