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  • Night Killer

    Night Killer


    Just so much What-the-fuckery going on here, I'm at a loss.
    Thank you Severin Films for bringing this one to my attention!

  • Underwater



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    To put it as blunt as possible, the big bad & it's minions were basically Cthulhu & his deep ones in all but the name. Being the lifelong uber-fan of the works of H.P. Lovecraft that I am, this is absolutely what I was hoping for!
    If you're also a fan of Lovecraft's work and/or are a fan of the subgenre that is Oceanic Horrors than I can't recommend this one enough!

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  • Pieces



    "The most beautiful thing in the world is smoking pot & fucking on a waterbed"


    If you're lucky enough to be watching the Grindhouse DVD release be sure to turn on the Vine Theater audio, it just adds to the fun!

  • Blood Rage

    Blood Rage


    Easily the best Thanksgiving-set Horror flick ever! Okay there's really not any serious competition, regardless that doesn't detract from the fact that this is one of the funnest, funniest & flat out pure Slashers that most have never heard of. Get the Arrow release with all great gore effects intact & make a new family tradition of watching Louise Lasser having a gloriously hilarious complete emotional breakdown over the course of an evening. Trust me, this is something that should be treasured by generations!!

    "And Terry...please put on a sweater, it's cold outside."