I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★★

The idiot symbolism is enough to make you want to hoot, but this two-hour-and-15-minute movie leaves you too groggy to do more than moan.

Details that are meant to establish the pathological nature of the characters become instead limp, false moments.

It's unclear whether the characters are unconscious or whether it's Kaufman who's unconscious of what he's doing. The movie is entirely tendentious. It's all planned yet it isn't thought out.

Oh wait, Cindy said all of these things? Am I Cindy? Who's Louisa? I dunno, but I'm clearly the expert on things cinematic.

Kudos to the amazingly brilliant cast of Fargo tho. And the ever-reliable Toni Collette, who has yet to star in the anthology series. Starting that petition now. Also, I'd like to think that Jesse Plemons was snubbed by the Emmys for his performance in El Camino because dude's getting an Oscar nod!

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