Man of Steel

Man of Steel ★★★★★

"Welcome to the Planet."

a SUPER origin story;
a SUPER coming-of-age story;
a SUPER refugee story;
a SUPER alien-invasion story;
and a SUPER hero story.

But 96% of the criticism towards this SUPER masterpiece was the SUPER destruction that ensued after SUPER entities with SUPER abilities battled one another??? I mean, isn't that how fights between gods tend to go down??? Or did it just lack the corny and unrealistic quips y'all were SUPER used to?

We're all in awe of how SUPER Hairy Cavill looked on that oil rig, as we should, but for Kal-El's sake, let's stop with the delusion that he can really fly or shoot lasers from his eyes; CGI's needed. And heavy CGI is needed when these SUPER people fight. Hate all you want, lie to yourselves all you want, but that's some pretty impressive CGI and battle sequences, accompanied by a triumphantly SUPER score by the Hans Zimmer.

A decade later, much like Cavill, still underrated and aged like a SUPER man.

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Originally seen last June 22, 2013 in TriNoma.

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