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  • Close



    Leo and Remi are two 13 year old neighbours who live in the idyllic Belgian countryside. They muck around in the fields, ride bikes, tell eachother stories, hug and sleep over at eachother’s houses. There’s a healthy effortless care and closeness to their relationship. They start high school and are suddenly thrown out of their supportive private family lives and into the public school system. A giggly girl asks if they are a couple. Remi stays silent and Leo becomes…

  • Strays



    Strays is shot in the style of Otis and Milo, real dogs are acting in the film but they are animated so that they can talk. We meet the main character, Reggie, voiced by Will Ferrell, a cute scruffy guy who does everything he can to try to please his deadbeat owner, Doug. Despite Reggie’s admiration for his owner, Doug is clearly a bad Dad, early on he takes Reggie out in his pick up truck and dumps him. Out in…

Popular reviews

  • Godland



    The camera is often likened to a gun in terms of its use by colonisers. It is ever present as a weighty burden on Lutheran Priest Lucas (Elliott Crosset Hove) back as he takes the treacherous journey across land from Denmark to a remote village in Iceland. He wants to build a Church and declares himself parish priest on arrival. Settle in for a durational endeavour, the loneliness and terror of Lucas’ arduous journey is keenly felt.

  • Past Lives

    Past Lives


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