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  • Who was Hitler

    Who was Hitler


    i watched this on my country's national television as a 4-part miniseries.

    as the summary suggests, the entire film is made up of archive footage of Hitler and the events surrounding his life. there is some narration that adds a little context, but most of what we hear are diaries, letters, memoirs etc. of the people (and Hitler himself) describing and commenting on the events of that time.

    because of that, you have to already be pretty familiar with Hitler…

  • Redline



    vroom vroom

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  • In the Aisles

    In the Aisles


    the main character is the cringiest and densest motherfucker ever put on the big screen

  • Kubrick by Kubrick

    Kubrick by Kubrick


    i'm very new when it comes to Kubrick's filmography, so far i've only seen Dr. Strangelove (and a bit of Spartacus as a kid). so in this documentary i've learned a lot of new things about the man and his movies; although i still think i would have benefitted if i had seen more of them prior to watching this.

    the film had a pretty interesting structure; throughout it a main interview played where Kubrick talked about his films in…

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