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  • Villain



    Some good gay representation

  • Fear Is the Key

    Fear Is the Key


    Who’s gonna remake this?

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  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Dog Day Afternoon


    im a SJW now thanks 2 this film but im still confused like how do we help people how can we do it rob banks or like  should i donate to some trans people on gofundme like im always seeing people posting on insta like screenshots of these gofunds me for surgeries and stuff but i never do anything cause they’re just screenshots not links i just don’t know i jjst don’t know also sweaty carol kane was so hot what can any of us do to make someone feel better what can i do to help?

  • Spree



    Rip kobe
    Watched this movie again and Kobe died while I was in the theater
    Can’t wait for this to b on Netflix