Carol ★★★★★


First impression: floored by every single aspect of the craft. This is the first time Haynes has broken through his purposeful distance from his subject and found an emotional core I could do more than agree with the truth of. His movies have all been honest, but this one makes you feel the heartbreak, rather than nod in agreement that yes indeed this would be most heartbreaking. Mildred Pierce builds to that moment, but it spends an awfully long time just hinting at it. This needs no build-up. He found two of the most expressive actors alive to carry the burden of trying not to say what's on their mind. Their faces make a better show of hiding obvious emotions than say...John Rhys-Meyers or Julianne Moore, who both come off vaguely alien rather than extra fragile.

This movie just about killed me. Didn't cry. Was too busy smiling at how good it all was. I was legitimately stifling laughter because I was so happy about the direction, script and performances.

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