Experimenter ★★★★½



Just delightful. I think Almereyda's modesty has what's always made him so attractive to me. He dreams up these hugely ambitious ideas, then executes them coolly and his filmmaking doesn't ever ask that you be anything but compelled/entertained/diverted. There's so much going on here but he never makes himself seem anything other than an affable painter showing you a few sketches. Love it. Saarsgard deserves an award or two for this. His Milgram is the kind of characterization we don't get enough of. Feels like something that fell out of a rough draft of a lost Mad Men episode, but it's even more ugly and honest than that. Everyone's great and no one winks, thank god. That would have killed a film like this. Lutz as Shatner comes close and I was in suspense, wondering whether he was up to it, but he pulls it off. That selfishness is so perfect "Have I heard this, Ossie?" Beautiful.