No Service

No Service ★★★★


Loved this. Bram’s a great diviner of place through abstraction. He details a room’s atmosphere through rhythm and negative space. The stuff we don’t see, repetition and evasion, the things that can’t be measured. This is how Bram situates us. Naturally travel is denoted like in early Gondry short form through space as a series of interchangeable images.  Space is defined by gorgeous geometric interplay and beautiful solarized landscapes and by the distance between text messages. The unexplainable sublime interrupted by the banality of communication. It’s sort of the way the avant-garde has to evolve with our experience and existence. The world Hollis Frampton and James Benning once showed us still exists under the new coat of paint slathered on by the 21st century. Bram, like Jodie Mack or RaMell Ross, has to boomerang between old methods of expression and the new lives they have to expand to encompass.

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