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  • The Lives of Others

    The Lives of Others


    this is one of those films that has just been lingering on my watchlist ever since it's release but because of the over 2 hour runtime and the Cold War era Germany subject matter, I've never gotten around to watch it..

    ..until now, when it was once again added to YLE Areena (a free Finnish streaming service for films that have been shown on TV here) where each film is only available for a certain amount of time and I…

  • Song Without a Name

    Song Without a Name


    a heartbreaking story about a young woman whose newborn baby gets stolen by a fake health clinic & a reporter who tries to help find out what happened..
    this was also Peru's entry for the Best International Feature Oscar race!

    the film often gets compared to Alfonso CuarΓ³n's Roma (2018), which is no surprise considering that both films have black & white cinematography, indigenous female leads (Pamela Mendoza & Yalitza Aparicio) and there's a very similar birthing scene in both films near the…

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  • Us



    super creepy & yet funny without somehow crossing over to the horror-comedy territory!

    well done, Jordan Peele!<3πŸ‘
    more please!βœ‚οΈ

  • 1917



    "Age before beauty."

    this film left me quite speechlessπŸ–€

    needless to say that Roger Deakins' cinematography here is stunning, but the lighting, the scene framing, the camera movements & the hidden cuts really draw you in and the film's pacing & the haunting score only give you a few minutes to catch your breath as the film's intensity levels are through the roof as soon as the boys get their mission!

    everything from the filthy, narrow trenches and bloody battle fields to…