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  • Karaoke Paradise

    Karaoke Paradise


    would've been really interesting if this had some title cards for where in Finland all the scenes were shot.. it's definitely a glimpse into some Finnish lives, but a very narrow one and I still don't understand why people like karaoke...

    this documentary has the same issues a lot of other Finnish docs have that it's more of a thought rather than a statement.. in this particular case it would've been beneficial to go in deeper with the subject... (e.g. why are these people feeling so lonely, why they're not in therapy or what makes karaoke so popular overall??)

  • Prey



    such a cool movie, I wish I could've seen it on the big screen... (though they probably would've had to cut some of the gory elements out or go with a higher rating..)

    nevertheless, this was awesome! probably my favourite of the franchise, though the first one is still in a league of it's own!πŸ˜…β™‘

    Amber Midthunder & Dakota Beavers do a very believable job as both siblings, as well as hunters that could possibly take on a giant alien creature in the Northern Great Plains in the 1700s!
    also Coco the Dingo is a trooper!β™‘

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  • Us



    super creepy & yet funny without somehow crossing over to the horror-comedy territory!

    well done, Jordan Peele!<3πŸ‘
    more please!βœ‚οΈ

  • 1917



    "Age before beauty."

    this film left me quite speechlessπŸ–€

    needless to say that Roger Deakins' cinematography here is stunning, but the lighting, the scene framing, the camera movements & the hidden cuts really draw you in and the film's pacing & the haunting score only give you a few minutes to catch your breath as the film's intensity levels are through the roof as soon as the boys get their mission!

    everything from the filthy, narrow trenches and bloody battle fields to…