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  • The Peanut Butter Falcon

    The Peanut Butter Falcon


    "What's rule number one?"

    I heard this was a feel good film...
    and it kinda is!🤗

    I liked the story and the chemistry between Shia & Zack!
    there's plenty of controversial things in the film but at the same time it kinda tells the audience not to worry too much and just go along with the ride..
    after all we're all gonna die at some point in life.. just a matter of when & how!😅

  • The Sun Above Me Never Sets

    The Sun Above Me Never Sets


    what an absolute delight!😍

    this was my first visit to Kino Lokakuu, which is a russian film festival in Helsinki that's organized annually by the Finland-Russia Society!

    the film itself is a joyfull story about a young millennial man who is send to work in a secluded fox farm & unexpectedly finds an elderly neighbour in the tundra 💙

    the two leads are awesome and the story has a lot of situational comedy and is an absolute joy to watch!😍
    I loved every second of it! it's hilarious but with a huge heart and the cinematography is beeeeautiful to look at♡📽

    more people should definitely see this!

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  • Us



    super creepy & yet funny without somehow crossing over to the horror-comedy territory!

    well done, Jordan Peele!<3👏
    more please!✂️

  • 1917



    "Age before beauty."

    this film left me quite speechless🖤

    needless to say that Roger Deakins' cinematography here is stunning, but the lighting, the scene framing, the camera movements & the hidden cuts really draw you in and the film's pacing & the haunting score only give you a few minutes to catch your breath as the film's intensity levels are through the roof as soon as the boys get their mission!

    everything from the filthy, narrow trenches and bloody battle fields to…