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Werewolves I Might Get to Know and Love at Some Point in the Future

Please feel free to suggest any titles I've missed and tell me why you think they're worth seeing. Just double-check my companion list of Werewolves I Have Known and Loved first.

Note: I will not be including any Twilight or Harry Potter movies on this list. This is only for werewolf films that I actually intend to watch at some point.

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  • Blackout
  • The Forest Hills
  • My Animal
  • Shaky Shivers
  • Wolfkin
  • The Amityville Moon
  • A Werewolf in England
  • I Am Lisa
  • Beast Within
  • Bride of the Werewolf
  • Wolf
  • High Moon
  • Among the Shadows
  • The Snarling
  • Night Howl
  • Bonehill Road
  • Werewolf Bitches from Outer Space
  • Wolf House
  • She Wolf Rising
  • Sheep Skin
  • Hunger Unholy
  • The Hair of the Beast
  • War Wolves
  • Werewolf Fever
  • Werewolf in Bangkok
  • Wilderness
  • Moonchild
  • Full Eclipse
  • Cross of the Seven Jewels
  • Deathmoon
  • Beauty and the Beast