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  • 20th Century Women
  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Parasite
  • Pan's Labyrinth

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  • F9



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    At the risk of taking this way too seriously; there is a deep conservative and Catholic ethos surrounding The Fast and The Furious franchise that I find ethnographically interesting. I understand that prayer and emphasis on the family in this movie is nothing new, but F9 really takes it to the next level beyond parody.  To clarify: I don’t believe this to be any kind of high art, or necessarily intentional, but all underlying in pandering to its demographic.


  • Lilo & Stitch

    Lilo & Stitch


    “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind. Or forgotten.”

    One of the most interesting undertones I’ve never realized before is how the main characters try to navigate their way through post-colonial Hawaii. Lilo’s biggest enemy, Mertle, is the whitest person ever with orange hair and blue eyes, as well as Mertle’s mom being a real estate agent. Sugar plantations are visible throughout the film, as a symbol of industrialization as well. Cobra Bubbles as well as the…

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  • Lightyear



    Giacchino produces another banger composition. Zurg was great to look at and his character was okay, I guess — is there a lot you can do with what’s ultimately a parody of Darth Vader?

    The movie visually looks beautiful. Where is the character and soul of the movie, though? The personality? Predictable as fuck, and the plot didn’t feel very important for a theatrical release. Additionally, the constant aspect ratios switching between widescreen and IMAX format was really distracting. I don’t know…

  • Videodrome



    The battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena, the Videodrome. The television screen is the retina of the mind's eye. Therefore the screen is part of the physical structure of the brain. Therefore, whatever appears on the television screen emerges as raw experience for those who watch it. Therefore, television is reality and reality is less than television. 

    O'Blivion is not the name I was born with. It's my television name. Soon, all of…

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