Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★

how are you gonna let austin abrams serve the most cunt in this movie.

something about a bunch of thirty year olds doing gen z speak and jokes just makes me tense up. 

im also just too old for this at thirty, and im glad you guys had fun, but i was annoyed by everything down to the pastel uniforms. i know boo, i’m no fun.

feels like a chatgpt movie, fed only 90’s movies and trending tiktoks. and if trending tiktoks was the goal they achieved it, so.

i somehow don’t completely hate this though, all that said, just so so disappointed after the way it was received.

oh having the douchy, popular boy, boyfriend, character be a chalamet, harry styles adjacent character is so fun. like the only slightly inventive topical thing here, imo.

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