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  • Van Helsing

    Van Helsing


    I was so tired and bored during the entirety of this movie. I did enjoy the opening black and white segment though, it felt like it was trying to accomplish something with its very specific visual call backs to Universal's monster movies. But basically that just made me wish I was watching Bride of Frankenstein.

    Also I love the dumb as hell reveal of Van Helsing's backstory.

  • Thoroughbreds



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I liked the score and the dialogue a lot but I had a hard time feeling much for the plot. Also, as soon as they introduced the stepdad's weird juicing diet I thought for sure they were gonna poison his juice at the end. Honestly they should've just done that, would've made things go much smoother.

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  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    Personal and universal all at once. Not perfect, but charming enough to cover all its flaws. Kayla is a fantastic character and Elsie brings so much life to her. I highly encourage everyone to check this out when it gets a wider release, especially if you went through school recently or are deeply familiar with the social problems of being young on the internet.

    After the film was over and I was preparing to walk back out into the cold,…

  • Skate Kitchen

    Skate Kitchen


    Holy hell what a fantastic film to see for my last show at my first Sundance. This was easily the most captivating and cinematic film of Sundance 2018. The girls fucking killed it and even if they don't go on to act in anything else, they're superb actors. The Q&A was like an extra comedy show after the movie.