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  • Star Kid

    Star Kid


    Why did the robot suit have such a juicy butt?

  • Urban Legends: Bloody Mary

    Urban Legends: Bloody Mary


    Props to URBAN LEGENDS: BLOODY MARY for exploring the urban legend about peeing on an electric fence and including the iconic line, "Holy shit, that guy's dick is smoking."

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  • El caballero del dragón

    El caballero del dragón


    Harvey Keitel faking an English accent as he hits a spaceship with a broadsword is both the best and the worst thing I've ever seen.

  • From Beyond

    From Beyond


    A very imperfect film, but also so bizarre that each flaw is overshadowed by one delightfully horrible vision after another.

    Is Jeffrey Combs a good actor? I don't even know! There's this haughty, cartoonish quality to everything he does, and yet who else but him could suck an eyeball out of a woman's face in one scene and then crawl out of a monster like a big baby in the next? He's one of the weirdest performers I've ever seen,…