Baby Driver ★★★½

Wow... I went into this expecting greatness based on all the solid reviews but that wasn't the feeling walking out. LOVED the soundtrack, the opening sequence, both top notch. But overall, Baby Driver didn't constitute stellar viewing. Fuck that annoys me because I'm a huge Edgar fan. 

Many people have slagged off Ansel Elgort's performance but I actually didn't mind it. The casting wasn't my biggest gripe with the film. It's easily the screenplay. Shades of lesser Tarantino definitely became apparent and I would have loved to see Quentin inject his two cents into the script. It felt needed. My second biggest gripe was the action sequences. Wright has listed a number of references to great car chase movies in the media but I still found a lack of wide shots that I was expecting. That shot in the trailer of the handbrake slide is stellar but I had hoped we'd see a lot more of that. Am I being too harsh? Possibly but I felt there was easily room for better choreography.

Baby Driver is still a solid, fun movie that shouldn't be taken too seriously. Definitely not one of Wright's better films or projects but the fact that it's not a sequel or remake, is a very good thing these days.

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