Cast Away

Cast Away ★★★★½

Hard to believe it’s been nearly 22 years since this hit theatres and I still remember seeing it on the big screen in January 2000. I was young and impressionable and at the time, Robert Zemeckis was one of those filmmakers who just dazzles. So going into Cast Away I was a little taken aback by how restrained he was. Not a bad thing, just different to so many of the films that I saw at a young age. But that restraint has helped maintain the films timelessness because 22 years later, it still resonates. 

The bookend to the film is a divisive one. Yes you can think of the best parts are when Hanks is on the island. And that’s pretty accurate. But I’m in the camp that believes the third act is the emotional pay-off in Chuck’s journey that carries some significant weight. Silvestri’s underrated minimal (and beautiful) score is just as emotionally manipulative as early Spielberg and Williams yet it drives home Chuck’s despair of losing the one thing that kept him alive on that island. The way Hanks plays it at the end too, so disconnected from his former self and societal ‘norms’ is really strong. And if you’ve ever lost someone, that scene just hits a little bit harder.

Now we just need that remastered 4K release 🤞

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