Fright Night ★★★★

Watching this on my birthday makes me incredibly happy. Following it up with the You're So Cool Brewster documentary was the icing on the birthday cake too.

After having viewed this again, I wouldn't mind a Fright Night TV series shot perhaps in the vein of Stranger Things. If you set the show in the 80's, kept the score, the practical effects, shit loads of smoke machines, and the horror comedy tongue in cheek approach with a new bunch of hero's, it could possibly work. Evil Ed and Peter Vincent are probably the only original characters needed and I would probably skip Charley, Amy and even Jerry Dandridge. Just have a bunch of new kids obsessed with classic horror films, get Peter Vincent (you would have to recast for the series. Gee that would be difficult but not impossible) to help them destroy more vampires and ghouls. Keep it ten episodes per season and most importantly, make it fun as shit and at least a cast as memorable as the ones in Stranger Things. Oh and definitely throw in a brilliant 80's song inside a nightclub scene where something pivotal to the plot goes down.

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