Swingers ★★★★½

I have fond, fond memories of Swingers.

Swingers is one of these experiences you had to have when it first came out. As a late teenager at the time (closer to my twenties), what Vince and Jon do in this movie was pretty much what I was doing (except the whole Vegas thing and saying 'beautiful babies' a lot). Hanging out with friends, trying to look cool, going to new clubs and bars, buying expensive drinks (or stealing others at parties), playing Sega, hoping to get laid, helping friends get over ex's, etc...

Nowadays, it may seem a little dated but I think all those things are pretty much universal. Swingers put Vince Vaughn, Jon Faverau and Doug Liman on the map and Vaughn was like the best friend you never had but wished you did, kinda like Mr Miyagi or Obi-Wan is like the father you never had (or is that just me?). I love the way director Doug Liman shoots, almost guerilla style, like you're one of the guys following them through their adventures of LA. At the time, this was a pretty new technique in Hollywood. Swing music also made a huge revival at the time and this film captured that really well. Plenty of famous bars make an appearance.

In the end though, it's the script and characters that make this such a fun experience. I'm surprised there hasn't been that many films to successfully capture that essence again. Just goes to show how difficult it is.

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