The Innocents ★★★★½

Part of Schlocktober 2017


François Truffaut regarded this as the best British film since Alfred Hitchcock had left for America.

And you know what? He might be absolutely right! The Innocents is a true masterclass in genre filmmaking. From the pitch black opening moments till the very last frame, the film presents a gamut of atmosphere and chills. I loved how the film didn't reply on jump scares to get under your skin. Beautifully shot in 2:35:1 with amazing locations, watching this for the very first time tonight I'm seeing where so many of the modern horror classics get their inspiration. The shots of the people standing still in various scenes reminded me a lot of what John Carpenter did in Halloween

Not to be outdone though is both the sound design and the child actors. Holy crap were the kids downright geniuely creepy. Most of the time in modern horror, the kids are on the nose when it comes to being evil but here, the tension is masterfully built up, with very believable performances.

I imagine this one will sit with me for days and I'm already anticipating a rewatch.