WarGames ★★★★

Now that I've re-read Ready Player One and watched the trailer, it's time to start watching some of films referenced in Ernest Cline's novel.

WarGames is an 80's classic that pre-dates James Cameron's original Terminator by one year and also centres on the danger of self-aware and learning computers. Whilst not as dark as Cameron's story, it is still quite thrilling and scary to watch how a WW3 scenario could eventuate. Hell, it's mighty relevant today especially when hearing about South Korea's missle tests and the US responses to those volitile tactics. 

But John Badham's 1983 film is a well written and directed piece of 80's nostalgia. The fashion and the tech might have seriously dated but the story remains timeless and Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy are both enjoyable to watch on screen. But probably the best aspects of the film are the pacing and mounting tension. Badham moves the film along briskly and towards the end, it really raises the bar.

Ultimately, WarGames is a great 80's movie and an essential re-watch going into Ready Player One.