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  • Dheepan



    Not a film about pizza's. But it does have a cheesy ending.

  • The Assassin

    The Assassin


    "She faked her period with chicken blood". To which my first thought was 'I didn't know chickens had periods'. Anyway, this is an amazing looking film. Not sure why it is filmed in 4:3 ratio as it would have looked even better in widescreen. I am not sure what the plot was all about, so I just enjoyed the visual/aural experience. Just don't expect Hero or Crouching Tiger like the trailer hints at.

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  • The Borderlands

    The Borderlands


    Watched the first hour in the dark with headphones cranked up then bottled it as i want to sleep tonight. Really well done up to this point. Peep Show meets Blair Witch Project. The bloke out of Down Terrace is very funny. Will watch the rest tomorrow in daylight...
    Watched the last half an hour and it was very scary with a great ending. If you like being scared you will love this.

  • Nightcrawler



    And the Oscar goes to.......Jake Gyllenhaal.
    Or not as he hasn`t even been nominated.