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  • A Cat in the Brain

    A Cat in the Brain


    On paper this is something I'd totally love; A filmmaker specialised in horror, tormented by the movies he's been making, starts to lose his grip on reality. The fact that this filmmaker is Lucio Fulci, portrayed by the man himself, is a much welcomed bonus.

    But I do not like this movie. I think it's ugly, disjointed, boring... Sure, the gore is pretty cool, but just some gory bits isn't doing it for me this time.

    It is however an…

  • 3-Iron



    Maybe I was in the wrong state-of-mind while watching this, but I found it a little disappointing. I probably took it all a little too literally, but I found it all a little silly?

    About a guy who crashes people's apartments when they're not home, who meets a woman in an abusive relationship and then they leave together. And I quite enjoyed the relationship between the two leads. Neither of them talk, something I had a bit of a problem…

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  • Midsommar



    Heyyyy I liked this! Yeah, this was great (I’m just gonna write down some thoughts as I just got out the theatre). Definitely enjoyed the journey more than the destination, as I’m not quite sure (yet) how I feel about the ending (Hereditary much?) but damnit was it a hell of a ride. And never did it really feel like 2,5 hours, I was hooked from the beginning (the opening scene could’ve been a short on its own) and never…

  • Scum



    This was bloody amazing!

    Basically we just follow a bunch of kids at this borstal, what used to be like youth detention centres in the UK, but then more hardcore I guess. Specifically we follow this one kid Carlin and he is kinda hard.

    But man this movie is brutal, quite a disturbing thought that these were perhaps really ran like this? I mean sure, while watching this you kinda forget that these kids are there for a reason, since…