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  • Who Killed Aliyah?

    Who Killed Aliyah?

    Ah, my final ctom movie, and seems like I kept the “best” for last. And by best I mean, 90+ minutes of a Jewish caricature running a shady porn business where the girls look young enough for me to feel uncomfortable that these actresses were even in this movie to begin with, despite there being no nudity whatsoever.

    This just felt wrong. One minute in and the main guy is talking about how the age of consent has been moved…

  • Lucy's Law

    Lucy's Law


    I know another reviewer beat me to it, but they just so hit the nail on the head with it. The movie ends with a reporter I guess saying: “In the end, nothing was as it seemed. But everything ended exactly as it seemed.” And all I could think was “Yes. That pretty much sums up this movie”.

    It’s a courtroom drama about Lucy who was kidnapped at age 11 and escaped, released? after 21 years, anddd, maybe got tortured,…

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  • 964 Pinocchio

    964 Pinocchio



    If you've seen this you probably know what I'm trying/want to say here. If not, let me at least try and put it to words.

    964 Pinocchio is a Japanese cyberpunk movie that starts out relatively "normal"; A cyborg sex slave escapes, this girl finds him and tries to take care of him while the bad guys look for him. But then, when they bookend the first act with a clean fade-to-black, they decide to go all out.


  • Midsommar



    Heyyyy I liked this! Yeah, this was great (I’m just gonna write down some thoughts as I just got out the theatre). Definitely enjoyed the journey more than the destination, as I’m not quite sure (yet) how I feel about the ending (Hereditary much?) but damnit was it a hell of a ride. And never did it really feel like 2,5 hours, I was hooked from the beginning (the opening scene could’ve been a short on its own) and never…