Cruella ★★½

Well what else did I expect from Disney the family friendly company that cares more about money then the actual product itself.
Where do I start? The bad cgi? The silly choices of music? The constant & annoying gags? The over use of comedy? Oh by the way didn’t laugh once during in this movie I cracked a little smirk once or twice that’s about it. 

Let’s start of in detail the things I thought were brilliant, literally only four things I thought were brilliant in this movie & that’s the performances by Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Mark Strong & Joel Fry I thought they all did absolutely amazing jobs in their roles I’ll talk about the rest of the cast in a minute.

Now on to the things I thought were decent, good & mediocre. 
The directing was good & actually felt like Craig really gave it his all but then Disney went in & did what they always do & make it child friendly & not let the director go to dark. 
The cinematography was decent actually looked really good in scenes however that was ruined by the over use of cgi & too much colour which I’ll talk about in a minute. 
Costumes were decent & actually looked extremely creative.
Lighting was decent but this is yet again ruined by the fact it’s too colourful.
The acting from the whole cast apart from the children actors & Paul Walter Hauser was mediocre at best. 
The writing was a mixer of decent & shit it really wasn’t till the third act I had big issues with the writing up until that point I thought it was decent overall but the third act really starts to fall apart in fact because of the third act this went from a 6/10 to a 5/10 now I’m not going to go in to detail why that is as I don’t want to put the spoiler warning on I’ll probably re watch this when I re watch all of Craig’s movies so I’ll do it then.

Now on to the things I either thought were meh, hated or absolutely despised.
The overuse of comedy in this is absolutely painful it felt like it wanted me to laugh every 2 minutes at something that just got repetitive, lazy & damn right fucking irritating, I mean christ the constant gags in this are so unbelievably annoying ESPECIALLY ROGERS character the over use of gags on his character is stupid not one of his scenes was funny it was just aggravating. 
The majority of colouring in this movie really felt overall to bright it really just looked like the colour of a bouncy castle the majority of the time, it was extremely childish choices of colour at times, however I will say some of the colouring was ok at times.
It honestly felt to cheerful throughout the whole movie I have said this before on reviews for Disney movies & I’ll say it again even if I didn’t know this was a Disney movie I’d be able to guess easy it was a Disney movie, the film overall was just not dark whatsoever I was waiting for it to get “dark” as I had heard this was darker then the joker or this is not a kids movie well that’s a fucking lie lmao, this is most definitely not darker then the joker & it’s most definitely a kids movie.
The music choices were odd & silly as fuck to me they all felt like they didn’t belong in this movie at all.
The acting from the children & Paul was so incredibly dreadful I couldn’t stand them.
The story overall was meh I couldn’t seem to dig in at all Cruella even in the end feels more like a hero then a villain she never even really does anything “villainous” imo, also the fact it’s not even really mentioned why she hates Dalmatians was fucking wasted. 
I didn’t care about the emotional stuff whatsoever either I was just like “oh ok and?”
The majority of this movie is extremely & painful predictable it was lazy at parts especially in the third act, the twist in this movie was hot dog shit & my god the pile of plot holes in the third act just hurts to think about. 
Oh I almost forgot about the worst part of this the overuse of cgi throughout the whole movie & the cgi dogs…..yep the fucking dogs were cgi & the worst part is it was completely noticeable god how many fucking times I have said this I don’t know anymore but THERES JUST NO EXCUSE FOR DISNEY NOT TO HAVE PERFECT CGI all I’ll say is watch out for the cgi water.

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