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This review may contain spoilers.

After re watching all Eggers movies I can officially say yh lighthouse is still his best work but this is easily his second best but the VVitch is still terrific man can’t make a bad movie he doesn’t miss.
When I first saw this I saw the twist about the uncle being a bad guy from a mile away I watched to many shows set in this era about kingdoms etc not to see that coming but what I didn’t see coming was the mother being bad but after thinking about it after my first watch and re watching it I noticed it’s not really that surprising I mean the very first time we see her she yells at Amieth and quite clearly goes to hit him before being told the king had returned a little sus if you ask me.
Picking a favourite thing about this movie is extremely difficult because it’s phenomenal in every aspect but if I had to pick I’d say it was the magic & mythological aspect such as the witch scene or the undead character who Amieth fights I didn’t expect those in this and i adored them.
I really hope Robert makes a dark merlin movie or something like that in the future because he would be INSANE at that.

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