Wrong Turn 2: Dead End ★★★

This is what the first one should have been this definitely gave on more of a horror/disturbing vibe then the first
The music in this is a lot better and actually fits especially the creepy tense music at the very start that instantly caught my eye and made me excited for this movie.
The plot to this is really good had me much more interested then the last one. 
The effects in this are way more creepy, unsettling and disturbing then the last time. 
The acting is good nothing outstanding but good.
The thing I really liked the most about this film is certainly the directing it was really good especially for this type of film it really stood out to me. 
The writing along with the camera work is alright both could have definitely been better as they both come off a bit cheesy but altogether decent.
The characters are a lot more interesting they aren’t all likeable but that is kinda the point of some characters the characters who are likeable you really want to survive.
The editing in this movie is brilliant and smooth that’s something I like about both this and the first one but altogether the first one is bad.
I’d probably recommend to skip the first one and watch this. 

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