Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★

HOOP-TOBER 3.0 Update:

I've gotten behind in my reviews; I've watched 26 of my 31 films but still have 12 reviews to catch up on. Damn midterms!

Now on to Godzilla!

Damn, everyone, that was intense. The movie reinvents Godzilla - for the worse, I believe, but it tries something new and chances are always worth taking. It'd be okay if it wasn't for the first little while we see it on camera - or the slow movement it showed for most of the film: I get it, it's big and moves slow but most of it's body seemed stationary throughout the opening, not even very much neck movement.

But Godzilla is the worse part of this movie. Yeah, the movie named after it falls behind (not by much) when it is on screen. It's the human side of things that is really interesting. The film delves into post-war Japanese laws enforced by the US and it gets (slightly) heavy into foreign policy. It's really as political, bureaucratic film with a giant monster in the background.

Worth every cent.