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  • Aliens



    Except for Alien: Covenant, this was the only Alien movie i had not seen and boy was i missing out. Ripley is completely captivating as we watch her go from recovering survivor to all out badass. While on their mission those sent to protect and lead crumble under the pressure and it is Ripley who assumes the leadership role in a very commanding way. Her character is nothing short of awesome and propels the story and film to one of the great sci fi flicks of all time.

  • Frankenhooker



    As absurd as it is trashy, this deliciously campy film goes all out with its over the top and ridiculous characters and story lines. There are so many amazingly what the fuck moments that you have to wonder if the writers and director are creative geniuses or simply escaped psych ward patients. I mean, that scene where the hookers discover the giant bag of's just priceless and you have to wonder how they came up with that. If you're into campy exploitation films, well, this is definitely for you.

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  • Martyrs



    FINALLY got to see this today and can't believe i waited this long. This one will definitely need a second viewing, but I recommend everyone horror fan see this at once. Don't let the description of the film mislead you, it sounds like a very simple straightforward film but there's a lot more going on than just senseless violence and gore. A must watch.

  • All About Eve

    All About Eve


    One of my favorite movies of all time this film is an excellent depiction of the inner pettiness and jealousies that exist in all of us. Bette Davis is absolutely amazing as the aging stage actress coming to terms with the fact that her time in spotlight is reaching its end. You can literally feel the highs and lows of her moods and every deprecating thought and emotion inside her is laid bare for everyone to see. Although her performance steals the show the story itself is well crafted and told through a well paced narrative.