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  • Sadako vs. Kayako

    Sadako vs. Kayako

    Sadako vs Kayako isn’t a film that is going to please everyone, but it’s a clear upswing for the two franchises, not to mention a j horror scene that has had a rough decade. Koji Shiraishi doesn’t shoot for the moon with the premise, but absolutely makes sure to deliver a film that is at least entertaining and a real crowd pleaser.

  • Himeanole


    Whilethere is a stronger story that could have been teased out of its bending of genres, Himeanole is nonetheless one of the best serial killer films Japan has to offer.

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  • The Bird People in China

    The Bird People in China


    Can't say that I really knew what to expect when sitting down to watch this movie. I knew that it was supposedly 'completely unlike Miike', but considering that is in itself the mark of Miike's filmography I still didn't have a grasp of what it was going to be.

    The best way that I can think to describe it is by saying that it's as if Werner Herzog made a live adaptation of a Hayao Miyazaki film. The ecological themes…

  • Suicide Club

    Suicide Club


    So I slept on this movie for years and upon seeing it I've come to regret that. Modern J-horror is really quite hit and miss for me, and I don't have anything like the affinity for it that I do for the 50s and 60s stuff, but every now and again I see a film that lives up to those.

    I'd seen bits and pieces of Suicide Club over the years as it's a film that is incredibly '.gif' worthy,…