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  • Critters 3

    Critters 3


    Before a few months ago I had never seen a film from the Critters series although I was always aware of the franchise I never took that dive up until recently, I really enjoyed the first two entries to the series it was simply my type of charm I love them.

    Going into Critters 3 I was expecting the worst but I gotta say I also really enjoyed Critters 3 whilst not as good as the first two I can…

  • Saw II

    Saw II


    This one surprised me a lot! first time watching it since it came out. Lots of cool kills and a lot of good twists and turns throughout the flick. Keeps you invested from start to finish. I really enjoy the performance from Tobin Bell, He delivers on playing a sophisticated psychopath! A lot better than I remember and I enjoyed it more than the first which I didn't expect. I've never seen all the entries from the Saw series if…

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  • The Void

    The Void


    Heard so much about this flick and finally got a chance to watch it and what a blast! A new title with original ideas that also provides some familiarities! Great throw back to the 80s with an awesome setting throughout the film! I gota say I was a bit confused at the ending of the movie but other than that I really enjoyed it. I do wonder if a sequel is possible but overall cool crazy flick definitely recommend this for horror fans

  • It



    Just gave Stephen Kings IT a rewatch as I'm looking forward to the trailer being released for the remake tomorrow, I really love this flick Tim Curry does a stellar job as Pennywise the clown and I think all round the characters in this flick are enjoyable. Although I rate this movie as it brings me a lot of nostalgia I have to say I don't like the entire movie there are things that are a bit Meh but other…