French extreme #2
Absolutely love this film,i know it kinda lives of the notoriety of the prolonged and brutal rape scene and its definitely one of,if not the worst rape scene there is on film,but deep down this is one helluva clever film 
I've seen alot of rape/revenge flicks but i feel so uncomfortable every time i watch this,,so fucking intense and just the whole 7min long unedited thing just creeps me out and i get thats what the director was going for but each time i watch it i cant help but feel he could of really took it dwn a notch and thats coming from me,someone who loves the sick and twisted side of cinema,and big big shout out to Monica Bellucci for enduring that,she preformed the hell out of it so much so it looks real,and you can feel her pain coming through the fucking screen,every thinking of it now gives me chills.
Anyway i still love this movie,so dark and gritty and when the violence happens it just cuts you so deep.