The Final Girls

Cant say enough good things about this film,its not just your generic 80s slasher throwback its actually a very clever movie,loved that they parallel two different groups of people that are really the same characters just with different traits because they’re from different era’s,,thats just one thing theres so many layers to this movie and its a film I’ll revisit time and time again,,,,and Taissa Farmiga ❤️ ah man i love anything she’s in and its weird ive just read a review about Vera being the reason the person likes the conjuring so much,,both are just soo good and i loved Taissa’s storyline in this with her mom talk about pulling heart strings which is a very weird feeling watching a slasher flick (and i read new line wanted to get rid of that daughter & mom plot 🤦🏻‍♂️) 
One thing i will knock this film for and always will is the of PG-rating just imagine with how good this film is,how amazing it would of been if it was R-rated and we got some amazing slasher kills (and tittys,,sorry i am a guy 🤷🏻‍♂️) ughh just imagine.
Definitely up there in along with the big bads of the meta-horror world like ‘Scream’’Behind the mask’’Cabin in the woods’.
Anyway as i said i cant say enough good things about this film its a clever 80s slasher throwback with a lot of heart but just that PG-rating lets it down just a bit IMO.

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