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  • All Cheerleaders Die

    All Cheerleaders Die


    This latest release from Lucky McKee, the man who brought us the fantastic The Woman and the very original May, and co-director Chris Sivertson (The Lost) strays from their more serious tone and delivers us a new take on the slasher movie.

    The story centers around Maddy, a high school student, as she attempts to infiltrate the slimy world of cheerleading and jocks at her school.

    After a very memorable opening the story flows along at a great pace, never…

  • Curse of Chucky

    Curse of Chucky


    I'm a big fan of this series, and although like most franchises it has its weak spots (looking at you, Seed of Chucky) this is definitely not one of them. This is a great new Chucky film. It goes back to it's original roots, in that it is less comedy and more horror, although it's still a fun movie.

    Any fans of the series will like this, and even non-fans should have a good time with it. If this heralds a new round of Chucky movies, I, for one, will be very happy with that.

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  • Julia's Eyes

    Julia's Eyes


    Excellent Spanish film. Tense and atmospheric, it manages to create a storyline which is gripping, characters you care deeply about and sustain a great tension throughout the whole thing.

    Check out my full review soon at:

  • Snowtown



    Very brutal, very realistic depiction of abuse and murder in a brilliantly well shot and acted film.

    This one makes a lot of lists for 'most brutal' films, but don't dismiss it as just brutality or violence; there is a great storyline underpinning all of that which makes it all the more shocking and disturbing.

    In my opinion, Snowtown is a must-see. Based on a real story, if you read up on it either before or after it will make what you see even more harrowing but a story that I think needed telling.