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  • Palmistry



    insightful watch! experimental & authentic. highly introspective, earnest, & personal, but relatable. crafted with a particular understanding of the female experience that aims to share it with the world. feels like a film that wishes to converse with you, from woman to woman, woman to man. i very much enjoyed the verbal exchange with the charlatan chiromancer. personally invested in the occult sciences, so this was a fascinating film to me. i'd rewatch it because this one is certainly a film where…

  • Overseas



    Realistic but tame. Well-executed. Earnest & haunting, but not dramatic or anxiety-inducing. It was a careful, considerate exploration of the very real problems female OFW have been facing. Handled very professionally. This is the kind of documentary film that says a lot for both itself & you, as a viewer. Insightful, impactful & significant.

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  • God's Own Country

    God's Own Country


    this film was filled with so much gay tension, which i'm personally a big fan of. it held the right amount of tenderness & the lack of it. & what gets me excited as an afterthought, is that it was a gay film well-thought out — there was the much deserved absence of unnecessary internal homophobia — & one that had a positive ending.
    i loved the character dynamics, how gheorghe made johnny soft, & how johnny did the opposite to him, but only…

  • Annihilation



    "It will be in all of us."

    I am in love with this film and the concept it revolves upon: creation. From the symbolism to the dance sequence, to the musical score, the executions were awe-inspiring.

    I wish I had it in me to write a proper review, but others have said enough, so go watch Annihilation on Netflix. Alex Garland is incredible.

    "Our bodies and our minds will be fragmented into their smaller parts until not one part remains. Annihilation."