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  • The VelociPastor

    The VelociPastor

    Rec by Child of Chaos Ben

    Oh yea, feed me more

    In my Shark Exorcist review Joe Tomastik asked what a movie with that title was going to give you.

    This. I wanted this. The Eponymous VelociPastor is either pastoring or Velociering. This movie is just ball to the walls stupid.

    When his family dies there is a fire VFX here card.

    Then his friend tells him, as he is struggling with faith, go where you think God…

  • Massacre Mafia Style

    Massacre Mafia Style

    Good evening and welcome fellow Children of Chaos.

    Watched for the Crap movie Collective.

    Frankly, I like the name Like Father, Like Son better. I think it kind of fits the overall theme of the movie.

    Although Massacre Mafia Style is pretty fitting as well. As there are like 3 or 4 actual Massacres in the movie, plus a bunch of other small time killings.

    This movie is insane, it is pure grindhouse. Is is so fucking racist that it…

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  • Final Destination 2

    Final Destination 2

    So these moves are based on a real thing.

    You see a lot of people die and death has a group of people working for him. The celestial order is unionized and Death is guaranteed 4 weeks vacation every year. So sometimes he has his middle management take over for him.

    There is this kid named Chad, or Chazz as we all refuse to call him. Kinda a 90s kid who's dad is an important figure in the divine bureaucracy.…

  • Cube


    You know all the shitty remakes of Japanese movies we've done, time they get their revenge I guess