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  • Final Destination 2

    Final Destination 2


    So these moves are based on a real thing.

    You see a lot of people die and death has a group of people working for him. The celestial order is unionized and Death is guaranteed 4 weeks vacation every year. So sometimes he has his middle management take over for him.

    There is this kid named Chad, or Chazz as we all refuse to call him. Kinda a 90s kid who's dad is an important figure in the divine bureaucracy.…

  • Funny Games

    Funny Games


    Unlike Infinity War or the movies that have yet to be released where I din't rate them because they are not out yet, or in Infinity war's case not finished. This movie gets zero stars.

    Also, I am going to spoil the movie, but much further down, but I am not going to add a spoiler tag because 1) I want people to know this is a true zero star movie. And 2) I want people to…

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  • I Feel Pretty

    I Feel Pretty

    That was dreadful.

    It was a cliche ridden mess. At least cliche ridden horror can be funny. Awful comedies are a nightmare to sit through.

    I did like Avery. Glad she turned out genuine and not a secret bitch.

  • The House of Ghosts

    The House of Ghosts


    While not scary the bit with the stop motion knife cutting the sausage and the piece trying to get away was particularly good.

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  • Joker



    Good evening and welcome fellow Children of Chaos.

    So I have dabbled in some fan fic writing. I think all writers do. It's just something people can do to hone their craft, learn pitfalls, ext.

    So my DCU Fan Fic, this is almost my Joker.

    Joker has spent so much time trying to be more hardcore. Scarier in all media. TV, Comics, Movies. Jared Leto is a perfect example of this. He is what a 4 year old thinks is…

  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead


    Good evening and welcome fellow Children of Chaos.

    Zombie apocalypses are the dumbest way the world would end. Zombie are stupid. Literally and figuratively.

    They lack human intelligence, communication, tool/weapon usage, speed, stealth, ability to build and fortify based.

    Yes, clearly THESE creatures are the ones who will supplement humanity as the apex species.

    Only 3 times have I seen something to convince me that zombies could have gotten this far. The book World War Z, 28 Weeks Later, and…