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  • Night of the Living Dead
  • The Disappearance of Willie Bingham
  • Killing Words
  • Possession

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  • Paint Drying

    Paint Drying


    Good night and welcome fellow Children of Chaos

    I fucking did it. It's been weeks watching in the background at work for like 20 minute bursts. But I fucking did it.

    From what I gather this was made as a form of protest, the UK ratings board had to watch all 10H of this to give it a rating. And as such I can apricate it. I think movie ratings are imperative to consumers, but at least here in the…

  • Acid




    This reviewer said that the movie was made based on director Just Philippot's childhood nightmares.

    As a child, I learned about Acid Rain. I had this fear of rain for a while. Whenever it rained I had to watch to make sure it wasn't melting trees. Yes, I know that isn't exactly what Acid Rain is, tell that to a little child. When it rain, while I slept I had this recurring nightmare where the rain would start to…

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  • Slasher.com


    Good evening and welcome fellow Children of Chaos.

    We open with a story about the S/ash.er or some shit, some serial killer who uses tinder to find his victims.

    Then cut right to a couple going on a first date after their first meeting. Going to the woods for some gold old fashioned hiking/cabin sex. The owners of the cabin are a creepy family.

    And through the movie I was like "I know you WANT me to forget the leet…

  • Dollman


    Good evening and welcome fellow Children of Chaos.

    Does this go on my superhero movie list or my random crap list? I am going with superhero.

    Anyway, I loved this, the idea of this dude who's from a planet where everything is smaller comes to earth and decided to clean up the streets.

    Long before Peter Jackson in Lord of the Rings, Albert Pyun mastered the art of making things look small without cheap CGI using models and forced perspective.…

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  • The Batman

    The Batman

    I just saw an interview where Patterson said he wasn't going to destroy his body to fit the role like Bale did.

    And people are mad about it.

    Fuck us fans. Just fuck us all. We don't deserve movies.

  • Cube


    You know all the shitty remakes of Japanese movies we've done, time they get their revenge I guess