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  • Acid




    This reviewer said that the movie was made based on director Just Philippot's childhood nightmares.

    As a child, I learned about Acid Rain. I had this fear of rain for a while. Whenever it rained I had to watch to make sure it wasn't melting trees. Yes, I know that isn't exactly what Acid Rain is, tell that to a little child. When it rain, while I slept I had this recurring nightmare where the rain would start to…

  • Final Destination 2

    Final Destination 2


    So these moves are based on a real thing.

    You see a lot of people die and death has a group of people working for him. The celestial order is unionized and Death is guaranteed 4 weeks vacation every year. So sometimes he has his middle management take over for him.

    There is this kid named Chad, or Chazz as we all refuse to call him. Kinda a 90s kid who's dad is an important figure in the divine bureaucracy.…

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  • The Hole

    The Hole


    An eerie experience, for realzies. But with a totally lamazoid ending.

    Lesson here dudes, don't be putting your body parts in weird holes.

  • The 13th Unit

    The 13th Unit

    Good morning dude and dudettes of Chaos, it's your boy The Chazz Man *Air Guitar*

    So this is made about my bud Steve. Like, he lives in this dark storage facility and feeds on the blood of the innocent. Yea, he's a bit of a poser, but he's a pretty cool guy once you get to know him.

    Though they did him dirty with their stupid looking fakey spell circle thing. Looks nothing like his rune, but whatever bros.


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  • Final Destination 5

    Final Destination 5


    WHOA! Whazzup dudes a dudettes of Chaos. It's ya boy, The Chazz Man *Air Guitar*

    So the Sage man was like "Dude, All this whack tomb of Terrors movies, I need a Vay-cay! Would you take over for me Chazz Man *Air Guitar*"

    Since the Sage man has always been good to The Chazz Man *Air Guitar* I was like sure bro, I can take some time from negotiating my next biopic to talk about some rad movies!

    So here…

  • Joker



    Good evening and welcome fellow Children of Chaos.

    So I have dabbled in some fan fic writing. I think all writers do. It's just something people can do to hone their craft, learn pitfalls, ext.

    So my DCU Fan Fic, this is almost my Joker.

    Joker has spent so much time trying to be more hardcore. Scarier in all media. TV, Comics, Movies. Jared Leto is a perfect example of this. He is what a 4 year old thinks is…