Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★★½

When I first saw the trailer i was like "Dude with a light katana fighting a bunch of weird killers to get a girl. Did they make a Travis Touchdown movie."

No, this was so much better. I actually read the graphic novels when getting ready for this movie.

And this was one of the first movies I saw with my now wife.

Enough personal stuff. One day I will publish a novel about how Edgar Wright deserves all the praise that Joss Wheadon gets and does not earn.

And i like Buffy and Dr. Horrible.

This movie gives us a number of video game references without pushing the elements into our face. The Zelda theme is used in transitions, and if written/directed by Wheadon you know there would have to be some reference to the original Clash at Demonhead game. Here, as well as in the comic, it is just there. Get it if you get it, or just take it as a cool band name.

This movie has that over written dialogue I normally hate, but here it works. The characters quip and joke, but they each have a personality. Gidion's lines would feel out of place in the mouth of Lucas Lee or Matthew Patel. And they are genuinely funny.

The villains are a threat. They almost succeed. I don't need the world to end, just these two characters I care about.

The music, my god the music. if you read my Captain Marvel review you know I am easily brainwashed by a rockin' soundtrack. And this movie's soundtrack was so good I bought the soundtrack. Disappointed that Matthew Patel's "Slick" wasn't on it. But I did get introduced to 2 of my new favorite bands Metric and Bloody Red Shoes.

The action scenes are great, each fight has it's own personality and I think Scott's fight with Todd here is better than in the comic. In the comic it's a cheap Deus Ex Machina, here Scott out thinks Todd. And the battle with the Twins is an epic music fight with a great song instead of some lame robot fights.

Also the book loses it's steam half way though book 4, but here the third act movies at a quick pace. Never spinning it's wheels.

Also the Nega-Scott fight is amazing.

The acting is on point, everyone brings the character to life. Even secondary ones, like Julia. Aubry Plaza's best role.

Also, the music. Oh yea, the music. Even though Brie Larson can't sing as well as Emily Haines. So good

Michael Cera is a great musician and actor, and his career tanked because people are stupid and this movie did poorly. Shame on you for pirating this movie and not buying a ticket.

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