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Poster from Gatlopp: Hell of a Game—available on demand and digital on June 23, 2022.


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As a fan of Travis Stevens' (@travisstevens) work, especially his previous effort Jakob's Wife, I was excited to learn that he was directing A Wounded Fawn and assembled a fantastic cast consisting of Josh Ruben (@joshruben), Sarah Lind, and Malin Barr, among others.

Aside from the regular news coverage and a Shudder streaming announcement, I wanted to go into this film without any knowledge/spoilers of the film, and then have it all unravel before me during the world premiere at…

I feel I may need to rewatch this. I had heard so much hype for this film that I think what I imagined it to be was not the film I watched.

What I did watch I enjoyed, but I wasn't swept away by this film.

What do our ideas look like before we create/transmit them? What does a song sound like inside a musician’s head before they create it? What does the sentence sound like before the author writes it? Do creators give ideas life, or just remold them as they enter the physical world? Is the corruption done by a creator an act that distances something from its original, most pure and basic form? How it should be? How often do we create art…

The Thing

The Thing


Wilford Brimley's guttural noises while vivisecting an alien are an automatic 5 bang.

More on a very special 70mm podcast.

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I really enjoyed how nuanced this film was. Overall, the pacing was pretty slow, but the horror of this film slowly creeps up on you. Kind of like lotion on the skin. Not a whole lot of exciting stuff happening on the surface, but deep within, you feel it. You feel the paranoia of thinking someone's watching you when you're alone. You feel the predation of something foul in the air, and dare you say its name, dare you believe…

A bare noir full of gigantic ideas. Long love the new flesh. Long live the new sex.

A Wounded Fawn

A Wounded Fawn


Tribeca #1 

this fucks, movies shot on 16mm fuck