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The Films That Made ‘Bliss of Evil’

The Bliss of Evil journey began when I met my co-producer and long-time friend Corrie Hinschen for lunch at our favorite Korean restaurant. Corrie and I became friends through our love of film, so naturally, the conversation veered toward movies. Corrie is also a musician and somehow over that lunch, we started talking about his time playing in local bands when he said, “Did I ever tell you about the time one of my bandmates tried to kill us all…

Profound Wisdom From Horror Films, a story by Eric England

The human experience is strange and complex. At times, it can be funny. It’s often sad and tragic. More than we realize, it’s ironic — but since we’re in Horrorville today, let’s talk about how life can be scary. It’s not hard to see that we live in scary times, and in scary times, horror movies thrive. Why? Well, any true horror fan knows that horror films can be great therapy. I think Wes Craven famously said it best: “horror…

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I literally brought a baked potato to the theater, ate it, and even though it needed more salt it was still better than this movie. 🥔

A nasty slow-burn of a slasher movie that aspires to do for Airbnbs what “Psycho” did for motels, Dave Franco’s “The Rental” serves up a thin slice of millennial folk horror that renders the modern anxieties of the gig economy with the grindhouse-era sadism they demand. Even in spite of its obvious nowness, this thing is such a lean, mean, and utterly merciless old school programmer that it might seem anachronistic if not for the fact that it’s being released…

i don’t think that’s how lesbianism works. anyway, did you see that dudes head pop off?

I just watched this short during Panic Fest 2023. 9 minutes, no gore, no monsters, just… time. It’s well-directed/produced and just the right amount of time to digest what’s happening. Predictable, too, but don’t let that steer you away from watching it.

Evil Dead Rise, the fifth film in the popular franchise, delivers a film for the fans, by fans.


Set in a soon-to-be demolished apartment building in Los Angeles, far from the desolate cabin atmosphere we’re used to, we’re introduced to a family of five who must battle the now-awakened evil spirits in their incredibly large apartment and, eventually, entire building.

Evil Dead Rise features everything you expect from an Evil Dead film: Nods/References to previous films (you can never…

"Horror fans are recently and rightfully talking about Nicolas Cage in Renfield as the over-the-top character actor to beat, but don't discredit Russell Crowe in The Pope's Exorcist. He plays Rome's Chief Exorcist with an Italian accent cracked from a can of Chef Boyardee in a ridiculous possession movie that tries to be everything from The Exorcist to Men in Black, with barely mixed results."

Full Review: www.ign.com/articles/the-popes-exorcist-review

Trim Season

Trim Season


A very good thriller that is very tense from the beginning.

A really interesting take on a witch movie. I appreciated the casting of the film and that one of the characters actually reacted rationally to the situations they were walking into. I wish they had elaborated more on the story between the mother and her sons, but it’s a fun watch nonetheless. Also, it had some gorgeous landscape shots.