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The Films That Influenced Fede Gianotti's ‘LENI’

LENI is a very personal story for me, even though it didn’t start that way. At first, I wanted to make a slasher, maybe an origin story for a slasher, but as I delved deeper and deeper into the character, the story started to become personal and turned into a character study about trauma. The structure changed, the approach changed, and the intention changed. Not a slasher anymore but a psychological horror-drama hybrid that plays with perception and fragmented memories.

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Brutal and gory as fuck. Loved it!

How did they manage to make a movie about a murderous tire named Robert boring ?

I remember being so hurt by this one the first time I watched it since Jason doesn't get to Manhattan till the final 20 minutes which he doesn't even really take. This is a missed opportunity but luckily time heals all wombs and can still be mildly fun watching Jason kill on a ship.

Still you can't help but grin seeing Jason in a subway.

The Strings

The Strings


I love when horror films are beautiful, and this was beautiful. A snow-bound, freezing cold, slow paced, slow burn, snail of a film that very little happens in but the atmosphere and vibe more than makes up for it. The sounds, the visuals, the loneliness and sadness of the character, it felt almost satisfying and relaxing to watch. Absolutely stunning cinematography, some of the most beautiful ever. Call me crazy but I’d kinda be down for heading off into the…

I do appreciate a horror movie that relishes in a love of music that isn't always just metal. When people find out my love of horror they assume that extends to horror music and send me songs that sound like cookie monster is trying to kill me. Give me the haunted dulcet vocals of Angel Olsen or Julia Holter any day and I'm happy.

In The Strings, when a musician in that style travels to her aunt's house for an…

I can’t put my finger on why, but I loved this movie. It was beautiful and it got under my skin. I also loved the original song performed by Teagan Johnston. Wow- what a movie!




Over thirty years ago, I was introduced to Clive Barker's Nightbreed on opening day at a small movie theater on Long Island. Because I was too young to go alone (and I needed a ride), my mother accompanied me, resulting in us being the only two people there. When you go into a theater, you expect to be taken away to a magical place for a short period of time, which is exactly what this film did.

I had already…




American rural folk jam shrouded in an ominous atmosphere of thick fog and glimmering colors seeping through it—a backwoods nightmare that’s completely shut off from the rest of the world.

So much to love about Pumpkinhead… the steeped in dust Harley homestead, the overgrown with plant life shanty house with skulls/owls/rodents owned by an old witch, George Buck Flower, the incredible animatronics and creature design of our dark magik vengeance beast who lays in wait in a pumpkin graveyard, and…