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  • Alien
  • It Comes at Night
  • Housebound
  • Long Weekend
  • Midsommar

The films that inspired writer/director Thomas Sainsbury's Loop Track

6 films

Loop Track, the new film from Thomas Sainsbury, is available on VOD and digital platforms on December 1, 2023 via…

  • Deadly Friend
  • The Last Thanksgiving
  • Pilgrim
  • Blood Rage
  • ThanksKilling

10 Thanksgiving Horror Movies To Watch After THANKSGIVING, according to Fangoria

10 films

Well, Thanksgiving is now over, and you're either in a food coma or going about your day. If the latter,…

  • Blood Freak
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Blood Rage
  • Hostile Takeover
  • Habit

Horrorville Community: 🦃 Thanksgiving Horror

30 films

Since Thanksgiving is this Thursday (in the United States), why not stuff yourself full of some horror favorites, this time…

  • Landlocked
  • M3GAN
  • The 3rd Guest
  • After She Died
  • Devil Beneath

Screaming Soon (2023)

183 films

A list of films that will be released in 2023.

(1) The films whose dates are TBA can be found…

  • Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person
  • Late Night with the Devil
  • When Evil Lurks
  • Talk to Me
  • Sleep

The Official Top 50 Horror Films of 2023

50 films

The list will be updated monthly and conclude in early 2024. It's ranked by average Letterboxd member rating.

Eligibility rules:…

  • Psychomania
  • Ghost Rider
  • Scream 2
  • Urban Legend
  • Persona

Navigating the Murky Waters of Movie Morality, a story from Good Movie Bad Movie's Alyssa Bonanno & Bec Hac

8 films

Read the full story on Horrorville here.

Bec and Alyssa have been creative partners for nearly a decade, harkening back…

  • Dark Night of the Scarecrow
  • Dark Night of the Scarecrow 2
  • Scarecrows
  • Scarecrow's Revenge
  • Scarecrows

10+ Scarecrow Horror Movies on Tubi in November 2023, according to Creepy Catalog

18 films

Who knew there were so many horror films about/featuring scarecrows? Well, there are, and Tubi is where you can find…

  • The Third Saturday in October: Part V
  • The Third Saturday in October
  • Disturbing Behavior
  • The Rage: Carrie 2
  • FleshEater

Double Feature Recommendations from The Third Saturday In October Director Jay Burleson

6 films

The Third Saturday double feature (Part V and Part I) is currently available on Tubi! You can pre-order both films…

  • Anna and the Apocalypse
  • I Am Not a Serial Killer
  • Mastemah
  • Birth/Rebirth
  • The Tank

November 2023: Horror Films Coming to Shudder (US)

8 films

Halloween has officially come and gone, but the frights keep coming. Here's Shudder's schedule for November 2023!

Other highlights:


  • [REC]
  • Frailty
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • The House of the Devil
  • The Host

76 Essential New Millennium Horror Movies For Halloween 2023, according to Forbes

76 films

Way to go, Forbes, for dropping this list of films a day or two before Halloween.

Per the article, every…

  • The Bride of Frankenstein
  • Psycho
  • The Exorcist
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • Jaws

Fangoria x Letterboxd x LG OLED Present: The Best Horror Movies to Watch in 4K

10 films

You might have seen the defibrillator scene from The Thing countless times. Regan spider-walking down the staircase has been burned…

  • Re-Animator
  • Dressed to Kill
  • From Beyond
  • Lost Highway
  • Freaky Friday

The SUITABLE Letterboxd List for Joe Lynch’s SUITABLE FLESH

31 films

List originally posted by Joe Lynch.

SUITABL FLESH will be released in limited theaters and VOD on October 27, 2023.…