The Films That Inspired Ryan Kruger's 'Fried Barry'

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It's always really hard to make a list of favorite films as you will always miss a bunch out you love. But here is a list of some and some references for Fried Barry.

Growing up in the '80s and watching all the films you weren't really supposed to watch yet because of age was great. But luckily my dad let me watch everything. It was always a big thing going to the video shop and spending hours looking at front covers. And was even better when your dad said, ok you can pick two. But for me in general I love  80s cinema there's just too many good ones. In Fried Barry, there are many Easter eggs from 80s movies. 

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My 3 main references that I blended together were Starman, E.T, and early 90s film Bad Boy Bubby. I was always a fan of John Carpenter films and Starman. I always caught it late at night on TV (such a great movie!). Jeff Bridges was so good in it. I just loved the story of the body snatcher part and him discovering how it is to be human. And with Bad Boy Bubby, I just loved the craziness of the film and the fact that this guy was brought up basically in this room with no TV his whole life and never left. And when he finally gets out the house, he's just like this big kid soaking up all his experiences. And then a dash of E.T, which will always be a classic. E.T could only stay on earth for so long before he got ill. With Barry, I thought with all the drugs he's taking, no human would last. So the alien was slowly getting sick from the amount of substances he was taking.

Fried Barry is designed to take you on this trip. It's an experience and a crazy journey. It's like a road movie without the car, but Barry is the car. It's not about the story as that's simple and easy. The film is meant to feel disjointed and give you a breather at times but you experience what he does as he goes along. But there's a lot of depth where we see the darker side of humanity and just how crazy society can be. And it's not the alien that's crazy - It's us. By the end of the film I want you to feel dirty. A lot of the camera work style and lighting is still that '80s feel but also hitting movies like Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. I've always loved Terry Gilliam's camera work in his movies, where he uses wide lenses for close ups and steady cam wide low angles.

Fried Barry is definitely not meant for everyone; you either love it or hate it. But no matter what happens, you will speak about it and wont forget it. 

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Fried Barry is now available and streaming on Shudder.